Les Trois Oursons is a private nursery, which offers excellent teacher ratios and care. We admit children to Les Trois Oursons from the age of 10 months until they are 4 (until they are old enough to go to Reception Class in a Primary School). We have three age appropriate classes – the exact division of which is responsive to the age profile of the children, and so varies slightly year to year.


We have native French teachers who deliver the French-bilingual environment for the children and Chinese teachers for our Introduction to Mandarin program. We employ fully trained Montessori teachers as well as members of staff having an alternative qualification in childcare. This helps provide variety within the nursery and ensures that the needs of our little children (10 months -2 ½ ) are carefully monitored, nurtured and supported throughout their day at school. Many of our teachers are themselves parents and we understand that often babies and toddlers require different care and activities, as well as sleep, cuddles & nappy changes.

Our Nursery Manager, Marina Blanco takes care of all the day-to-day running of the nursery. Either the manager or the deputy manager will show you around when you book a visit.

We are open 47 weeks a year, from 8am to 6 pm (you can arrive between 8am and 10:30, and collect your child between 4:30pm and 6 pm).

We prepare the children to move on to Reception class of an English Primary school, or the “moyenne” or “grande section” of a French Primary school.

Our approach is suitable for all children, from all nationalities and language backgrounds to learn French & English.