Our language programme was co-developed with a child psychologist in Paris, and follows extensive study of many of the best bilingual (and multilingual) nurseries in Paris. In preparation for our launch, Jean Grace-Dix, our area manager & Philippe Fraser, our director also observed a bilingual Montessori school in Paris.

Our teachers give consistent care and support exclusively in French. This allows us to offer the bilingual environment to all the children attending our setting. Best of all, they are in addition to our English-speaking team.

The natural use of language (as well as our adherence to the golden rule of “one-person, one-language”) will be of great benefit to the children. We expect many of them to start understanding more and more French within a short time frame.

In 2018, we launched our Introduction to Mandarin program supported by our parents, with great early success. We employ part time Chinese teachers in each of our classes who offer activities/songs and some care in Mandarin in a natural way, on a one-on-one basis or in small groups. We will continue to be a bilingual nursery – the Chinese is being offered in a much more subtle immersive way to expose children to different languages and cultures when they are young. Tonal languages are especially beneficial to be exposed to at a young age, as without exposure to the tones when young, it becomes substantially harder when we are older to learn to differentiate them. We are particularly happy that we did not reduce our English and French staff levels and the Chinese teachers were an addition to our team.